Serenity's Certification Application

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Sep 3, 2021
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Town Name: Serenity
Town Mayor/Leader/Owner(s):
Current number of residents: 11
Coordinates (X, Y, Z):
[x=15287.5, y=77, z=-3422.5]
Theme: Pokemon-Themed, Nature
Pictures: Imgur Album (My GPU broke so I cant take fancy shaders screenshots ;-; )
Reason for wanting to be an official Town:
Serenity was built with the intent to give new players an easier start and a bit of guidance.
Having Serenity be and official Town makes it easier for new players to get here and removes the necessity to waste a home as well as the hassle of not being able to set a home on most party of the town.

Both the upper part of the town and the lower part have a Pokémon Center with a PC, Healer, Trader, Cloning Machine, Fossil Cleaner, Fossil Machine and an Enchantment Table.
As of now there are 12 Houses (11 occupied, 1 availablem, 7 more in the workings) 2 Pokémarts, 2 1/2 Pokémon Centers, a Gym (WIP) and 2 Stadia in and around the town.
On top of the mountain lives the guardian tree of Serenity and around the back are ancient ruins of a long forgotten civilization.
A hotel/resort is currently being built and more houses and perhaps an extra mart will be added soon.
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I have set your town warp in-game as /warp SerenityTown.
Thanks a lot!
However it seems like the warp wasn't set to be public.
It wont appear in the warp list and I do not have permission to use it.

Edit: KaT kindly fixed the permission issue.


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