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Hello Trainers! I'm sorry there hasn't been many feature updates recently. In all honesty, most of our staff team (including myself) have been busy with real life things, so it's been a struggle to develop any new content. We had planned on having a big update for Hallowed Fantasy's anniversary in June, but there's simply not enough time to make this happen anymore with how thinly-stretched we are right now.

1.16.5 PLANS
A big part of us having less time to develop new features for Hallowed Fantasy is Pixelmon finally releasing on Minecraft version 1.16.5 (we are currently on 1.12.2, so that's a HUGE difference). Because Pixelmon has jumped 4 huge Minecraft release versions, nearly every one of our plugins are broken on 1.16. Nothing works the same way it does currently, and if we want to get Hallowed Fantasy moved to 1.16.5 soon, we'll have to focus 90% of our attention on updating things for that version.

With the above in mind, we are now focusing our efforts mostly on redoing the entire server for 1.16.5, with new features & content being part of the release of that version. We'll have a new spawn, new gyms & builds, and new systems for a lot of things. It'll be a gigantic change for Hallowed Fantasy, so progress will be slow and we estimate that it'll be a few months before we're confident in having a working product. While we're developing the 1.16.5 version of Hallowed Fantasy, I'll be posting pre-release preview screenshots in a sneak peek channel to give you guys a sneak peak of what's to come in the future.

I'm truly sorry to our players and upset at myself that I wasn't able to create a big feature update for our anniversary, but life had other plans and I do think that focusing our efforts mostly on a revamp for 1.16 instead will lead to a better experience overall for all of our players than simply rushing content out for the anniversary just for the sake of having something new. We'll take our time and fine-tune everything to make the transition to 1.16 as enjoyable as possible, and make a better server overall that we hope everyone will love.

And to clarify, no, none of this will affect any of your current gameplay or progress on the server. Events will still happen regularly and our staff will still the same amount. The only thing that will change is that there will be less new content released until we are running on 1.16.5 in a few months.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I'd like to announce some special promotions and plans for our anniversary!

On June 16th, 2022, Hallowed Fantasy will be FIVE YEARS OLD! That's a huge milestone for our community and I'm really proud we've stuck around that long. Most Minecraft servers don't last more than a few months, so to reach FIVE WHOLE YEARS is absolutely insane. I've been doing this since 2015 and the amount of progress we've made is crazy to see. Thank you to all of our lovely players and staff for making this possible!

I truly hope that we have another 5+ years of fun ahead of us, especially with the release of 1.16 right around the corner!

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, everything in our website shop is 50% OFF from now until June 31st, 2022. If you love the server and would like to support it, feel free to purchase a rank or something else here: https://shop.hallowedfantasy.com/

Additionally, all Seasonal-textured Pixelmon (New Year, Valentine's, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas) are available to purchase from our website shop during this time period.

As mentioned above, Seasonal-textured Pixelmon are re-running from now until June 31st. During the month of June, some special Seasonal textures will be available in Legendary Crates, the Battle Point shop, the Nitro Boost kit, and the Supporter kit.

We'll also be hosting daily events where you can obtain items such as Wicked Pumpkins, Box O'Chocolates, & Gingerbread to redeem Seasonal-textured Pixelmon from /textureshop.

Simply for the sake of going down memory lane once again, I'll be giving away 2 prizes ($100 Hallowed Fantasy store credit and a 6IV Christmas-textured Ditto) to 2 randomly-selected players on our 5th anniversary (June 16th, 2022). To be eligible to win these prizes, you'll have to follow this raffle's special rules.

$100 Credit OR 6IV Christmas Ditto Raffle Rules
Post your favorite memory from playing on Hallowed Fantasy during the past 5 years in our Discord's #general chat channel and you'll automatically be entered into the raffle to earn one of these 2 prizes! It's as simple as that, and anyone can enter as long as they post their favorite memory in general.

For our Pixelmon TCG players, the JUNGLE series booster packs have been added to /warp Shop! All cards in the Jungle set are now usable in our TCG format. 4 new pre-built decks (Overgrowth, Zap!, Brushfire, & Blackout) have been added to the shop as well!

St. Patrick's Polteageist & various Easter-textured Pixelmon are now spawning at /warp NationalPark! Defeat them for a chance to get Clover Crate Keys & Easter Eggs! If you're super lucky, you may even get a 🍀 Lucky Clover Crate Key or a Golden Egg!

Use Easter Eggs & Golden Eggs in /textureshop to redeem Easter-textured Pixelmon. Clover Crate Keys can be used on the Clover Crates at /warp NationalPark in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

This Outbreak event will end on July 1st, 2022! Other seasonal textures will be available from events during the month of June.

  1. Replaced the previous textured Pixelmon in /kit Supporter with 20 Spooky Bones, 16 Red Envelopes, & 3 Box O Chocolates
  2. Replaced the previous Shiny Modifier & Starter Texture Token in /kit NitroBoost with 8 Gingerbread
  3. Replaced the previous textured Pixelmon in the Legendary Crate rewards pool with Halloween Rayquaza, Halloween Xerneas, Christmas Landorus, Christmas Thundurus, & Christmas Tornadus
  4. Cyber Dragonite & Dunsparce have left the Battle Point shop
  5. 🗼 This month's Battle Tower textures are Cyber Groudon, Cyber Groudon (SHINY), Cyber Melmetal, and ALL Circuit Textures

Welcome to Hallowed Fantasy!

Welcome to Hallowed Fantasy!


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