SHIP CITY's Certification Application

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Jun 22, 2021
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Town Name: Ship City
Town Mayor/Leader/Owner(s): BURNZY5
Current number of residents: 21
Coordinates (X, Y, Z): 510, 67, -1154
*Theme: Ships and minigames
*Reason for wanting to be an official Town: I have put alot of time and pride into my builds and feel they are worth of an official warp for players to enjoy, p.s. thana i alr told u all my tenants if i have to reply to it again i will but i will have to go around and make tally up another list :<
ty for ur time <3 - burnzys
Hi Burnzy,

Are all the homes made by the residents themselves or did you make them prior to the residents joining?
Hi Thana o/
Some residents of Ship City have made their own homes yes, but a majority of residents that live in my city I had helped make their homes but as they wanted,
Hotel rooms are empty until a tenant builds in it I do not restrict creative ability aslong as it is not a wooden box or against server rules.
I had built the Blue and White Hotel and Joshchipps2000 built the Home hotel (red and white building.)
Blue Hotel: 6/6 FULL Red Hotel: 8/16
ty Thana I respect your decision eitherway :}
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Greetings BURNZYS,

I remember you already applied in the past and I was talking to you about your town. If I am correct a PokeCenter was missing before. I believe the new red building in front of the rocket is the new PokeCenter correct?

That was the only thing your town was lacking. I think it is nice, quite busy and full of all kinds of fun places, but that is not a bad thing. I would like to ask you a few questions if you do not mind.

How do you plan on attracting people and keeping them active/interested in your town? Any fun activities you have in mind maybe? Or something connected to selling/buying etc.

Where exactly do you plan for the warp location to be?

Thank you for your answers in front and have a lovely day,
HI Kika yes the Red Building is a pokecenter, I have been making many different attractions to ship city, there is minigame such as: Archery, Connect4, Battleship, Waterpark, Pokemon Race Course and a Amusement Park which will have 6 rides from players to enjoy, The Park is still currently in the build process and is about 45% completed.
I plan for the offical warp of my city to start inside the bottom floor of the pokecenter
Best Regards -Burnzy
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I believe your town is complete and is a valid canditate for a warp. We will decide whether or not your town gets a warp in the upcoming days.

There is just one more thing, do you wish for your city to be called "Ship City" or do you have a different name? It may seem a bit broad/not interesting.

Thank you,
Hello Kika
Thank you for the good news! I have been busy lately with Carpentry Training but am still active afternoons, just got to seeing this today so sry for delayed response. To Be Honest I couldn't think of a better or more clever name when searched up synonyms of Ship for ex: Smuggle, Transmit, Dispatch or Haul do not right off of the tongue like Ship City maybe a poll where the community could decide a name if Ship City is a bit bland :}
ty again kika
Hello Kika
I Must announce with pride the new Name for Ship City has been chosen!
"Shuttle Harbor" has been picked via an emoji poll. the final voting scores were
-Shuttleside Bay = 4 Voters
-Shuttle Harbor = 11 Voters
ty everyone who had a part in the creation of the city, and especially a big thank you to staff for not only putting up with my shenanigan's but always looking out for and improving the Hallowed Fantasy everyday! :)
-Burnzys <3
Hey Kika hope you are doing well, I was wondering when Shuttle Harbor would be getting its Official warp, I have been doing more decorating and finishing up on project builds around the city in preparation :D I'm excited to welcome guest Players to the city!. I still have about 20 or so different build Ideas as additions to the City
Thank you for your time and I look forward to being apart of such a good community

Hey, thank you for your patience! I've made an official warp for your town which you can check out at /warp shuttleharbor. I look forward to future changes you'll make to the town :D
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