Paradise Point's Certification Application

Jun 21, 2021
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Town Name: Paradise Point
Town Mayor/Leader/Owner(s): AnuOctavius
Current number of residents: 0 currently. However I have open spaces for 25 people and growing.
Coordinates (X, Y, Z): 3055, 87, -503
*Theme: Modern Contemporary
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*Reason for wanting to be an official Town: Most of the time when you see towns, they are a mix of medieval and traditional architecture. Paradise Point is a break from that norm, and provides sleek and modern look. Prior to starting the construction of this area, I had never before built in the modern style. It'd be awesome to expose more players to the build style, and assist them in developing the techniques to build in the modern contemporary style. I am actively adding to the area, and look forward to welcoming any who chose to occupy as residents.
Hey Anu,

The place looks pretty nice! Do you have any plans for the center?
Thanks Thana!

And currently I don't have any plans set in stone. Since posting however I have added both a battle stadium, and a race track. I'm currently trying to come up with some more "Entertaining" builds that provide players with something to do.
Here is an updated image of the whole area. Added some shops, a small spa, a stadium, and a race track.

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Greetings Anu,

I have been flying around your town for a while and I like it. It is open and airy with a lot of free space, it all fits well, it has a united style of the buildings and all. I am a fan of the extra "entertainment" spots you added, I wish Pokemon Racing was a thing as that track looks nice. I do have a few questions about it if you do not mind!

Do you plan to let players build their own houses or will you only offer pre-made? And how are you planning to attract people to live in your town?

Any further plans for the "wilderness" that is around🌿? I mean smaller natural paths, more natural decorations like grass/flowers, some extra trees, handmade bushes etc. maybe even seats/picnic/camping/fireplace spots as are on the beach. I think it would be nice to spark up the natural MC world up a bit more. I can clearly see some terraforming was done and there are some decorations around the paths already, so I know you're going that direction.

Where exactly do you plan for the warp location to be?

Thank you for your answers in front and have a lovely day,
Thanks Kika! I'm glad you like it!

Regarding letting players build their own homes. The pathway to the north with the fence is the that I am going to allow players to build their own homes. Its not much more space in the savanna biome, but clearing the trees in the taiga biome is on my list to grant more space. As for attracting players to live there, I'm still working on that. My plan is to add more "functional" builds like mini-games to go along with the arena and the race track. I haven't advertised the area much as I've been continually working on the area, however I'm not charging any fees to live in any of my pre-built homes.

As for the wilderness, I'm currently still looking into techniques for better terraforming, as well as other miscellaneous natural décor options. This area started as a way for me to learn modern style buildings and it just grew from there. Terraforming is something I've avoided learning for a long time, so the areas natural beauty will grow with my abilities.

For the warp location I was thinking in front of the signs by the PokeCenter. While I'd like for there to be a "town square" or something of the equivalent, my base construction layout just simply doesn't allow it at the moment.

The warp location makes sense to be there, I have seen you made some improvements to your town too. As long as your town will be active and you find some more engaging ways of attracting players, I believe it is ready to have a warp.

We will decide whether or not to give your town a warp in the upcoming days.

You may inform us about any updates/improvements here before we make our decision.

Thank you,
Sorry for the late reply, I have been extremely busy with moving and getting our house ready to be set up.

I plan on making it back on this weekend and will work on advertising it for players. I'll also continue to expand and detail the area. Feel free to take your time with the final decision.
Hey Kika.

Things have finally started slowing down with my home life so I've been able to start getting back to working on the area. Currently I have a handful of residents, and will continue to advertise. I also started going around trying to make the area look a bit more "natural." I also have a few plans set for builds and expansions that I will be starting in the next few days.
Hi Anu,

Anything you'd like to update us on as of now or something you'd like to let us know beforehand before we make a final decision?
Hello Thana!

Outside of the post I made earlier today there isn't much to update on. However I can give some more detail on some of the plans I'll be starting.

High on my list is getting the lots set for players to build their own homes. The area will expand to the Northeast into the Taiga biome.

My next "Big" project will be "The Vault Mall." Using the vault entrance I've already made it will be a large underground "Mall" which will be a hub for residents to have their own shops, as well as games and other attractions.

Along with that I'm planning a "mega yacht", shrines to each generations big 3 Legends, a dance club, and a fair bit of terraforming to blend everything together a bit.

Regardless of the decision, I'd like to thank all of your for your time checking it out! Even if it's rejected now, I will continue to build the area so that one day it may be accepted.