Mushi Town's Certification Application

Sep 19, 2022
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Town Name: Mushi Town
Town Mayor/Leader/Owner(s): Rukerius
Current number of residents: 0, but with reservations booked
Coordinates: X: -4158, Z: 16698, Y: 70
Theme: Edo-Period Japanese Town, Bugs

Reason for wanting to be an official Town:
There's a serious lack of official towns in a server that's so beautifully built and has several warps that are amazing. With this, I propose this newly built town be made official for the purpose of being an enjoyable experience through an edo-period japanese town, and to give players more alternatives to heal their pokemon on our PokéCenter, buy any items they might need on our PokéMart, to let new players enjoy free housing for an easier start in this server, have costum pokeballs made in our Smithy, fight in our unnoficial Bug-type Gym, and even let them enjoy some roleplaying in our market, like the ramen shop and other stores that will be coming in the upcoming expansion of Mushi Town.
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Hi Rukerius,

Your town looks really good. It's nice to hear that you have an unofficial gym and provide several items to give newer players a boost along with activities they can do in their free time.

Current number of residents: 0, but with reservations booked
Have these reservations been fulfilled? If so, how many residents does it currently have?

Kind regards,
Hi! Thank you for your kind words! The moment I can talk to Guardevoir about subclaims, I'll have NorthLightDreams, EvilFury88, LittleEevee450, and HollowSlime is thinking about it xD
I'll continue expanding as the village grows.
Keep us up to date! I'd love to hear about the progress.
Just a few more houses and maybe a shop or two for roleplaying, nothing too grandiose