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- You may post in here with your ign/what you want or msg me if you see me in game or reply to me in market if you see me post in there <3
- Random IVs mean the Ivs are not perfect/assorted ivs. Feel free to ask for IVs on these pokemon, but they're honestly crud and don't even have 1 perfect IV.


Repeat Balls - 6K Per Stack or 20k for 4 Stacks (Stock:108 Stacks Too Many)
Unbreaking III Books - 1k Per (Stock:8)
Efficiency 5 Books - 5k Per (Stock:5)
Fortune 3 Books - 10k Per (Stock:0)
Silk Touch Books - 10k Per (Stock:2)
Silver Bottlecaps - 3k Per (Stock:4)

Stone Plate - 8k Per (Stock:5)
Insect Plate - 8k Per (Stock:0)
Spooky Plate - 8k Per (Stock:2)
Sky Plate - 8k Per (Stock:3)
Mind Plate - 8k Per (Stock:3)
Dread Plate - 8k Per (Stock:3)
Zap Plate - 8k Per (Stock:2)
Icicle Plate - 8k Per (Stock:4)
Pixie Plate - 8k Per (Stock:1)
Earth Plate - 8k Per (Stock:4)
Draco Plate - 8k Per (Stock:1)
Meadow Plate - 8k Per (Stock:0)
Splash Plate - 8k Per (Stock:2)
Flame Plate - 8k Per (Stock:2)
Toxic Plate - 8k Per (Stock:3)

50k Each; All are Microscopic Size
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Non-Legendary Shiny Mods - 60k Per
Non-Legendary IV Mods - 25k

Textured Plushies - 350k Per

5IV Shinies - 30k (I do not own)
6IV Shinies - 45k (I do not own)
Please click HERE for list of 6IV shinies I own
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