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As complicated it may seem, breeding is not that hard! It can even be fun to do to some. In this guide, you'll learn everything about breeding. You'll learn how to use ranch blocks to create a lovely environment for your Pixelmon. This way of breeding applies to /daycare as well. You'll end up getting the best out of both methods!


Breeding is so incredibly useful. By breeding, you can give your Pixelmon different natures, IVs and even decide how big you want them to become.
The reason this is so valuable is because it's 1 of the best ways to get stronger Pixelmon, meaning that by breeding, you can make sure that the next time you enter the battlefield, you will be the one winning.


Before you start breeding, you have to understand how EVs, IVs and natures affect your Pixelmon. There's a guide about all of that right here.

With that information, you now want to get a hold of certain items:
  • Ranch Block: This is the breeder.
  • Power Items: These give the IVs of that specific stat to its offspring
  • Everstone: This passes the nature to its offsprint
  • Destiny Knot: This gives up to 5 IVs to its offspring.

    (This is not guaranteed and is fully random!)


In order to breed, you must create an environment for it. You can do so by buying a Ranch Block at /warp shop (Misc. Items)

One Pixelmon can only breed with another of the opposite gender if they're within the same egg group. However, Pixelmon in the Undiscovered Egg Group cannot breed at all, while any Pixelmon can breed with Ditto besides the ones in the Undiscovered Egg Group:

Now it's time to construct the environment itself. Each egg group has its own preferences when it comes to the environment. Click here to see a list of each type's preferred breeding blocks.

Each breeding area is made out of 81 blocks (9x9), with the ranch block in the middle, so we end up with 80 usable breeding blocks. For example, a Block of Coal would gives 3 points, making it a great choice to use for Dark Pixelmon. The Pixelmon's maximum satisfaction is 139, and we obviously want to get the best out of breeding, so we'll aim for that. Click on the Ranch Block and click on "Manage Pixelmon", then place the 2 Pixelmon you'd like to breed in there.



By dividing 139 (max satisfaction) with 3 (points per block), you'll get 46.3. Round that up and you'll end up with 47, meaning that you'll need at least 47 Blocks of Coal in order to reach maximum satisfaction for that ranch, and thus creating the perfect environment!

You can start breeding by focusing on the power items first. Give them the right power item depending on which one of their statistic is perfect (31). By combining 2 parents with both 1 perfect IV, we can now breed a Pixelmon with 2 perfect IVs. Now replace the Pixelmon with the 2 perfect IVs and give it a Destiny Knot, so you can give your second Pixelmon a new perfect IV by giving it the right power item. By doing so, you'll get a 3-IV Pixelmon!
As you're currently breeding by using a Destiny Knot, the IVs of the offspring will be a bit more random, so don't give up on trying! When you're happy with the final IVs of 1 of the offsprings, you can now replace the 2-IV parent again with the offspring and hand it another Destiny Knot. Continue repeating this process until you have a perfect Pixelmon (5 Perfect IVs).

After you bred a 5-IV Pixelmon, you want to start breeding to give it the right nature. Luckily enough, you can use any of the offsprings you may have bred for this as well.
By giving the 5-IV Pixelmon a Destiny Knot and the one with the right nature an Everstone, you'll be able to pass on the nature of the one holding the Everstone to the offspring.
If the offspring happens to receive more / better IVs, give the Destiny Knot to the offspring and replace the previous "Destiny Knot-parent" with this one. Keep repeating this process until you get a 5-IV with the right nature.

You have a chance of accidentally breeding a 6-IV, as it's totally random, but receiving one is totally fine as well!
It's not possible to plan / "force" a 6-IV breed considering Destiny Knots only carry over at least 5 IVs.

It's more than likely that you'll receive messages while breeding. Below's a table where you can see each message with its meaning:

Each Pixelmon has a set of moves called "Egg moves" which can only be obtained through breeding. Only male Pixelmon can pass down moves to its offspring. The idea is to look up a Pixelmon's egg moves, select a combination that is possible within the egg group, and breed different Pixelmon in the same egg group for results.


  • By breeding 2 different Pixelmon with each a different type, you'll need blocks for both types!
  • Dual-type Pixelmon require both preferred items in the ranch. The total points required to reach maximum satisfaction will be halved as well.
  • By directly looking at the Ranch Block from a short distance, you'll be able to see which blocks the Ranch Block is going to use when breeding, as shown here.
  • If not bred with an Everstone, the offspring's nature will be completely random. If you don't have / use an Everstone, you still have a chance of breeding your offspring with your desired nature!
  • A lot of items can be bought at /warp shop, including the ones named in this guide.
  • Add a Pixelmon's IV or stat to their nickname for faster and better searching!
  • Check out the Synchronize ability, it may come in very useful!
  • Destiny Knots are recommended to use starting from 3 IVs and upwards.
  • You have a higher chance of breeding a shiny offspring if you breed 2 Pixelmon from differing Original Trainers!
  • You can place ranches next to one another!

You can use /breedingwiki in-game for a very in-depth overview!

Happy breeding!
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