Gym Leader Applications' Guide

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This guide will outline the gym leader application process and the requirements to get accepted as a gym leader.

Processes of the application
  • After the application has been posted the Gym Leader Council will review your app, where they will give you pointers for your applications team. (Keep in mind that you don't need this team to be ready in-game).
  • After the review process has concluded the gym council will decide if your app will continue the application process or be denied.
  • When you have defined your final team, you will be tested in 3 test battles were you will be reviewed on how you play the matches.
  • When your test battles are concluded, the Gym Leader Council will review your battles and with that it will be determined if you are accepted or denied.

Minimum requirements
This list will define the minimum requirements we are looking for an applicant for a gym leader postion.
  • Basic knowledge the mechanics of Pokémon. (EV's, IV's, Moves, STAB, Abilities)
  • Full understanding of type-matchup's.
  • Medium understanding of team building.
  • Basic understanding of Smogon Tiers.
  • Be active for at least 8 hours a week.
  • Have at least 2 weeks of activity before applying .
  • Being a well liked figure in the community.
  • Being active in the community, especially through chat.

Conduct Guidelines
  • Be respectful to all other players when in and out of battle.
  • Follow all server rules.
  • Do not spread any toxicity

How to apply
You can apply by posting an application on the "Gym Leader Applications" on the forums using this format.

After getting accepted
Things to know:
  • To redeem your gym kit: /kit GymLeader (Every month) and /kit gymleaderweekly (every week)
  • You are expected to get ready a hard mode gym ready by a week you have been promoted.
  • You can ask for what is called "Rent-Mons" which are imports from your gym team that can only be used for gym battles until you can make the Pokemon yourself but they have to be returned after a certain amount of time.

Coaching vs Tips
Coaching is a very controversial topic in the server with good reasons, however many players mistake coaching with giving tips or advice.

Coaching it's the act of letting or telling a player tell you what moves you should do during a battle.

What often gets confused for coaching (but isn't):

  • Telling a player what Pokémon are good vs a specific gym when asked how to beat it.
  • Helping a player prepare before a gym battle.

What could be considered as coaching:

  • Giving a player a team to beat a specific team.
  • Telling a player what to do during a gym battle
  • Telling a player the gym leaders teams or Pokémon they usually use.

* If your application is denied or you delete the application, you will have to wait a 2 week period before you can apply again.
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