Airwatch Village's Certification Application

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May 9, 2022
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Town Name:Airwatch Village
Town Mayor/Leader/Owner(s):BellDynJinn(MythicalMimic) And Jgnu75205873(MythicalIna)
Current number of residents:5/6
Coordinates (X, Y, Z): 13312, 89, 5327
*Theme: Floating Air-Discs with buildings on the top layer and customised areas on the 2nd layer
*Pictures: attatched(picture 4 is a WIP)
*Reason for wanting to be an official Town:
I would like this to become the official town for The Mythical Farmers, where Others are welcome to come and chill with the members of the Mythical Farmers and to take part in surprse challenges/competitions the Mythical Farmers may run. My reason for creating the Mythical Farmers was to create a kind and supportive community of players, who could chill out and have fun, and with that finally becoming a reality i would like to make this a town so that others may join us in spreading peace, positivity and kindness with the growing Hallowed Fantasy Community.
I plan to build a PokeCenter for the use of the visitors.

UPDATE 26/7/22: WIP circle is now complete and plans to build a pokecenter has been started


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Hello there!

Thank you so much for applying your town! Looks like you have done a great deal of work and I am sure much more is still in front of you.

However, we cannot accept your town just yet.
One of the requirements for a town is to own at least 4 buildings, one of which has to be a Poke Center. It would also be good if your town had a Town Hall with basic information about how to purchase/rent a residence etc.

Aside from this, your town is still visible a work in progres, which is of course absolutely fine. But there is not much for a casual player to see or do as of now, and the fact that it is on empy floating grass circles really stands out unfinished. To suggest some possible improvements, we would love to see more houses, possibly even parks, statues or any points of interest being added, additionally working on the grass circles may be a good idea. Adding some kind of outline would make it look less "ripped out", uniting the style of each circle may also be an idea worth considering.
You have sweet intentions with your Mythical Farmers community, fingers crossed!

We decided to
deny your town for now. If improved, expanded and filled, it is definitely a candidate worth of a Town Warp. Hope you and the rest have fun working on it. Please, do apply in the near future once your town has fulfilled the requirement above and maybe take some of our suggestions to heart.

We would love to see your town grow, improve, get some citizens and become a place worth a visit. Keep up the good work!
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