🕸Lavender town's Certification application🕸

Jul 14, 2021
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(TOWN NAME)'s Certification Application
Town Name: Lavender Town
Town Mayor/Leader/Owner(s): Me so far might recruit a mayor later to handle things while I'm offline
Current number of residents: 3-4 I believe one isn't perm
Coordinates : X:18240 Z:- 5663 Y:63
*Theme: Based on the real Lavender town
*Reason for wanting to be an official Town: I've worked hard on the Lavender town I started on it when I first joined

Pictures are not gonna be added because my thing is being dumb and refuses to work with me so I must apologize for that.
If this gets accepted the coordinates I put in the format will be where they spawn, right infront of the pokecenter.

Here's what my town brings to the table!
- Giveaways of Ghost Pokémon cause I think that would be cool
- Fun mini tournaments. (prizes are involved)
- Treasure hunts (players will work in teams of 1 and 2 to find clues on where the treasure is hidden, if they chose to do teams though they have to share the prize might work out something later to prevent unfair shares between the teams)
- I will have a little surprise thing here and there when I get on
- Townfolk or others are able to have their names put in the tower and I might make a graveyard to give off that spooky vibe
Also townfolk are able to make their own houses but they must follow through with a spooky theme or the lavender town theme like 2 people have already done.