Server Rules

Hallowed Fantasy's in-game rules are listed here. These are the same rules you can find in-game by typing /rules.

A bullet point (•) indicates a list of subjects or note-worthy points that follow-up and are part of the rule above it.

01: Chat Rules:
  • Spamming, adding excessive amounts of letters, excessively using capitalized letters, flooding, begging (Pokémon, items, donator perks or money) and inappropriate language (Refer to rule #04.)
02: Do not advertise on this server, and do not advertise this server elsewhere without an administrator's permission.
03: Do not discriminate:
  • Age, disability, sexual orientation, status, religion, nationality, race, color, gender or retention.
04: Keep the server appropriate for children. Cursing and inappropriate subjects are not allowed. This goes for but is not limited to:
  • Username, nickname, player skin, text in signs, books and structures, structures, Pokémon's nicknames.
05: Do not share your account. Account sharing is seen as a way of bypassing the alt prevention system we have put in place.
06: Do not grief. This includes modifying player-made structures or land without their direct permission.
07: Do not attempt to crash the server or be the source of lag for other players' clients.
  • The use of redstone and redstone-related items (pistons, pressure plates, dispensers, etc.) in farms is not allowed.
  • Crop farms must be at least 90 blocks away from another player's claim.
  • You may only have one crop farm (35x35x30) or two crop farms (17x17x30) and 1 apricorn farm (100x100x4, spaces in between included).
  • Staff may remove anything related to redstone when it appeared to have caused a crash.
09 Do not evade a punishment by using another account or other forms of communication.
10: Only speak English in global chat. You may freely talk in any other language in private by using /msg.
11: Do not say things in chat that are misleading to players and/or are intended to cause confusion.
  • Catfishing and impersonating fall under this category.
12: Do not publicly accuse another player of hacking. Contact a staff member instead.
13: Do not act toxic in any way. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Provoking, verbally attacking, harassing, threatening, trolling other members, participating in and/or starting drama/arguments. This also applies to private messages.
14: Do not post/advertise any illegal, disturbing or flashy (seizure-/epilepsy-triggering) content.
15: Do not role-play in the global chat. Hallowed Fantasy is not a role-play server, so please do not treat it as such.
16: We may move your claim in the case of receiving a report regarding your claim being too close to another player's claim.
17: You are not allowed to warn players as a non-staff member. We do not condone "mini-modding".

Staff Clause
It is up to a staff member to decide how to punish you and how long to punish you for. Every staff member is different so each situation will be handled differently by different staff members. Furthermore, staff members are the law of this server and community and they reserve the right to skip warnings and go straight to punishments depenidng on the severity of what a rule-breaker has done.

The rules are stated here as guidelines for the server, they are not here for you to scrutinize and try to look for loopholes. An admin's word on a rule is final. If you feel that they are abusing their powers, please gather evidence and post it in a "Player Report" ticket, or bring it to the attention of a Head Admin or higher.

Elastic Clause
If you have any issues with a punishment that was given, you need to accept it and then speak with a higher member of staff about it. You also have the option of submitting a Staff Report ticket or a Ban Appeal. If a staff member feels as if you have done something inappropriate and unacceptable that is not listed in the rules, they may punish you with an appropriate consequence.