Dear Pixelmon Trainer,

Welcome to the Hallowed Fantasy Custom Form Pokédex dedicated to describing unique custom forms seen around the Hallowed Region.

You can find the basic information about all custom form Pixelmon listed below in dex-number order.
For further information about each Pixelmon, please click the entry.


"Growlithe is an excellent swimmer and can hold its breath for long periods of time. Sailors will visit Seiiki Island just to catch a Seiiki-form Growlithe, as they make for great, loyal partners for long voyages across the ocean."

"During foggy weather at sea, anyone who follows its howls will be led back to shore safely. Some Trainers even tell stories of Arcanine saving stranded people and leading them back to shore."

"These Pixelmon create mischievous pranks to harass Trainers passing by their territory. Its claws can dig through steel."