Official Buying and Selling (Making Money)

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This guide is here to offer you general advice and teach you how to use tools to get the most out of GTS selling on the server. You are free to post whatever you want in the GTS for whatever price.

Table of Contents

  • How to Price Check for GTS via Discord​
  • How to Price Check for GTS via Server Shops​
  • Items Not Sellable in GTS​
  • Tips and Advice for Selling​
  • Tips and Advice for Making Money​

How to Price Check for GTS via Discord
The easiest way to price check Pokémon to sell is via Discord's search function on our Server. Just follow the screenshots below and my general advice.
Click on the search bar and select "in".


Now type in 'GTS' and click on it when it pops up. You are selecting the #GTS channel here to search in.


From there just type in whatever you wish to search up. I will be using Christmas Flareon as my example from now on to show you tips/advice on what you are looking for in these searches.

For starters, you will want to look at the listings with the light blue color next to them. These listings are the SOLD listings on the GTS. This will give you a idea on what people are WILLING to pay for the said item. Uou will be reading the listing to make sure it is what you are looking for.

For my Christmas Flareon, I am looking for listings that have Custom Texture:Christmas in them. This indicates that the Pokémon has a Christmas Texture.


However, I am not going to only look at 1 listing. I will look at multiple to gain a idea on what this Pokémon has sold for over time. This will help rule out very rare low sells and very high sells.
In the images below, the Christmas Flareon has been sold for 227k, 130k, 145k from 11/14/2020 to 12/24/2020.


These price points tell me that Christmas Flareon is probably from 130k to 145k, since the 227k is MUCH higher than the other listings.

Rarity can also affect price points for a Pokémon too. For example ,my Christmas Flareon is a texture only obtainable around the Christmas season. If I hold onto it I may be able to sell it in March for 160k or even 170k maybe. If I have a Pokémon that is in GTS once a month or so I may be able to sell it for more money too. This is where you will pay attention to the dates in the searches and how much they are spaced apart.

How to Price Check for GTS via Server Stores

If you are selling items on GTS my first set advice is to get familiar with the server stores. The commands are /blocks, /materials., /helditems, /pixelmonitems, /tms. If a item is being sold by the server to players you will want to list it up UNDER that set price.

For example, you have a Master Ball you wish to sell. You will go to /pixelmonitems and select 'Pokeballs' as the category. From there you will scroll to find Master Ball.


The server sells Master Balls for 10k a piece, so you will want to sell the Master Ball for maybe 7k or so. People will be more willing to buy the Master Ball if they know they can get a better deal than the server store.

The same concept carries over to anything you can buy from the server. Another example being tokens one can buy at /warp pokeeditor. If you are selling a Move Tutor Token no one will pay 10k or more for it. If you are selling mints no one will be willing to pay 10k+ for that mint. The reason for this being that the server already has set prices for Move Tutor Tokens and Nature Tokens at 10k.

Items Not Sellable in GTS

A variety of items are not listable in GTS. In this case you will go to the Discord server and post your advertisement in #marketplace. This is where people advertise stuff they are selling or looking for. To figure out your pricing here for a item you will do another discord search like I taught you above, but choose #marketplace as the channel to be searching in.

Not listable items include;
  • Modifier Tokens (IV Modifiers, Move Tutor, Shiny Modifiers, Texture Modifiers, ect)​
  • Items used in /textureshop (Strange Parts, Dragon Souls, Cell Batteries, ect)​

Tips and Advice for Selling
  • ALWAYS have 5 items in GTS. ALWAYS. GTS sells are the easiest way to make money when you are offline.​
  • Look at the GTS. If someone is selling Suicune maybe you shouldn't sell Suicune. Maybe you should sell something else. This way you have less competition selling.​
  • PRICE CHECK. Less players are willing to spend 60k on a Suicune if they know it can go for 33.9k.​
  • Pay attention to GTS. If you see shinies going for 6k to 15k, maybe people will not want to buy your shiny for 40k (Unless the shiny is 100% possibly). Or if you see people normally sell 100% Pokémon for 7k to 12k, then maybe people will be less willing to pay 40k for a 100% Pokémon.​
  • ALWAYS look at multiple listings when price checking. Use critical thinking when determining what to price Pokémonat.​
  • Post things people want to buy. People are always wanting shinies, legendaries, 100% Pokémon, Master/Park Balls, Dittos.​

Tips and Advice on Making Money

The commands to make money are as following; /gts sell, /sts, /sell. /gts sell lets you place up items into GTS. /sts lets you sell Pokemon to the server itself.
  • ALWAYS have 5 items/Pokémon in GTS.​
  • Set up a smelting house to make your own Poke Balls. Smelters/Mechanical Anvils keep working 7 blocks from the player before they stop functioning. You can always use bone meal on Apricorns, mine the iron, ect. Sell these Poke Balls or use them to catch Pokémon.​
  • /sts unwanted Pokémon. You can net about 40k to 50k off /sts the Pokémon you catch from 1 stack of Poke Balls. Of course this number will be lower if you do not make any catches. The recommendation is to use Ultra Balls, and then switch to Repeat Balls once you have the Pokémon dexed.​
  • /sell unwanted tms/held items/diamonds/ect to the server itself.​
  • Do you /vote, /daily, /warp battledocks, /warp battlepike. You can even rebattle the trainers are /warp tutorial and both of the towers for money daily​
  • Breed Pokémon. Learn how to breed Pokémon. Breed 5iv/6iv Pokémon with their hidden abilities. You can /sts the 5IV Pokémon and sell the 6IV Pokémon in GTS. My advice is to try to breed Pokémonpeople will want/need too. Make sure your females have their hidden abilities though. When you /sts a Pokémon you get a 1k bonus on that Pokémon if it has its hidden ability.​

Thanks a lot to KaTronFreak for making this guide.
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