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    Official FREE Shiny Pixelmon Giveaway

    Thank you! I gave you a shiny token
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    6v6 UBER Tier Tournament (7/24/2021)

    1st place: xTerrisia 2nd place: EatFoods
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    6v6 UBER Tier Tournament (7/24/2021)

    Tournament Bracket:
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    Paradise Point's Certification Application

    Hi Anu, Anything you'd like to update us on as of now or something you'd like to let us know beforehand before we make a final decision?
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    SHIP CITY's Certification Application

    Hey, thank you for your patience! I've made an official warp for your town which you can check out at /warp shuttleharbor. I look forward to future changes you'll make to the town :D
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    Paradise Point's Certification Application

    Hey Anu, The place looks pretty nice! Do you have any plans for the center?
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    Ban appeal

    Hi waek, You can appeal through tickets here.
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    SHIP CITY's Certification Application

    Hi Burnzy, Are all the homes made by the residents themselves or did you make them prior to the residents joining?
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    Town Application Format

    Would you like to get your player-made/player-run Town featured on the server with an official warp? If so, read this whole post and create a new thread with the correct format to apply to get your Town turned into an official Hallowed Fantasy Town. Rules: - No vanilla Minecraft villages. This...
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    Gym Leader Application Format

    We are currently looking for Pixelmon players that understand basic competitive battling mechanics to staff our 8 player-run gyms. Our Gym Leaders should not only have a good team, but they should also have a good understanding of how to play competitively. Gym teams should be built for...
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    Gym Leader Applications' Guide

    This guide will outline the gym leader application process and the requirements to get accepted as a gym leader. Processes of the application After the application has been posted the Gym Leader Council will review your app, where they will give you pointers for your applications team. (Keep...
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    Official How to breed Pixelmon

    Hey, As complicated it may seem, breeding is not that hard! It can even be fun to do to some. In this guide, you'll learn everything about breeding. You'll learn how to use ranch blocks to create a lovely environment for your Pixelmon. This way of breeding applies to /daycare as well. You'll...
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    Official Pixelmon stats explained

    Effort Values (also known as EVs) are values that improve the stats of Pixelmon based on the strengths of opposing Pixelmon they have defeated. There are 6 different types of EVs: - HP - Attack - Defense - Special Attack - Special Defense - Speed Each Pixelmon can gain a maximum of 510 EVs...
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    Welcome to Hallowed Fantasy!

    Welcome to Hallowed Fantasy! Hallowed Fantasy's Official Modpack Official Hallowed Textures Resource Pack Installation Guide Standalone Reforged Mod & Changelogs Standalone Forge for 1.12.2 (v14.23.5.2855) Voting Links: Minecraft Servers Pixelmon Servers Minecraft MP Minecraft Server List
  15. Circuit


    EVENT ONLY! NOT REDEEMABLE VIA TEXTURE TOKENS. These textures are on rotation in the battlepoint shop.