I am a asexual non-binary person that is addicited to LGBTQIA+ writing and coffee. I often spend my free time rping with my bff, who I met 15 years ago on the Gaiaonline Roleplay Forums. If I am distracted there is a good likelihood I am talking to him.

  • Favorite Music is Rock Music (Mostly Alt/Punk; no Heavy Metal)
  • Favorite Books include the Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland
  • Favorite Movies are Spirited Away and the Original 1980's Transformers Movie
  • Love the Transformers, Marvel/DC (Animated), and Disney Franchises
  • Love Coffee Ice Cream and Whataburger Onion Rings
  • Enjoy eatting at Whataburger or Rising Canes

In real life I work for a e-comm department posting all kinds of goods online to sell. I own a cat named One-Eye and live with my father.

I moderate for the server, help the admins with events whenever I can, and help maintain the gallery for our lovely textures.