The Fantasy Region Kingdra has learned to blend into its environment by shifting its pink and white scaled skin. It hides amongst the coral within more shallow waters from Leopard-form Sharpedo. Because of its beauty, collectors seek this special Pixelmon for their own aquarium collections.

Statistical Information
Kingdra - Coral-form
  • Previous Stat Points: 70 HP, 95 Attack, 95 Defense, 95 Special Attack, 95 Special Defense, 85 Speed
  • New/Adjusted Stat Points: 85 HP, 50 Attack, 70 Defense, 130 Special Attack, 110 Special Defense, 105 Speed
  • Type: Fairy/Dragon
  • Ability: Dazzling
  • Hidden Ability: Pastel Veil
  • Move Pool Additions: Baby-Doll Eyes, Calm Mind, Camouflage, Charm, Confusion, Dazzling Gleam, Disarming Voice, Draining Kiss, Extrasensory, Healing Pulse, Light-Screen, Misty Terrain, Moonblast, Moonlight, Psychic, Reflect, Sweet Kiss
  • Move Pool Removals: Flash Cannon, Iron Head, Toxic
Pixelmon Information
  • National Pokédex Number: #230
  • Spawn Location: Ocean
  • Catch Rate: 45
  • Gender Ratio: 50% Male 50% Female
  • Egg Group: Undiscovered, this Pixelmon is unbreedable!

Recommended Set (Written and provided by NoClueWhat2Do)

You may compare Speed Tiers via GiyuLoLs HF Speed Tier Form here

Kingdra’s ability and base stats allow it to perform very well as a revenge killer or even a sweeper towards the end of a battle. It has a sufficient move selection with strong STAB options that allow it to hit opponents fairly hard. It is very quick, especially with the addition of the Choice Scarf held item. The Dazzling ability also allows it to ignore opposing priority attacks, which synergizes very well with its high speed.

The recommended set for Kingdra is a Choice Scarf special attacker. Draco Meteor is a very strong Dragon STAB move that drops Kingdra’s special attack stat each time it is used. It offers very high immediate damage but often forces Kingdra to switch out and give up momentum. Dragon Pulse is an alternative Dragon STAB option which is more spammable, but without the immediate damage output it can struggle to pick up crucial knockouts. The second move is Moonblast, which is a strong Fairy-type STAB move with no drawbacks. The third move is Hydro Pump. This allows Kingdra to pressure Heatran, an opponent that can resist both of Kingdra’s STAB moves, as well as opposing Ground-types. The final move that this set uses is Hidden Power Fire. This notably allows Kingdra to pressure opponents, such as Ferrothorn or Mega Scizor, that could otherwise handle the other attacks that it uses. The held item for this set is a Choice Scarf which is used to further increase Kingdra’s speed. The given spread and nature are chosen for Kingdra to perform as a fast special attacker.

Checks & Counters

Special Walls: Toxapex, Blissey, and Chansey can all take hits from Kingdra and stall it out with Toxic. Toxapex can take advantage of the free turn when Kingdra switches out to spread status or set Toxic Spikes, though it does have to be wary of Psychic if it is not very healthy. Blissey and Chansey can also teleport to a teammate to help gain momentum.
Paralysis: Kingdra relies on its high speed to revenge kill opponents or sweep at the end of a battle. A speed decrease from Thunder Wave or Glare can cripple its effectiveness.
Hazard Stacking: Since Kingdra can often be forced to switch out multiple times throughout a match due to the Choice Scarf, it is prone to being worn down by hazards such as Stealth Rocks or Spikes.