Harmonic_Melody's Ermos Gym Application

Jun 17, 2021
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What is your Minecraft username? Harmonic_Melody

What is your Discord username? harmonic.melody

What gym are you applying for? Ermos's Fairy/Ground Gym

Timezone: EST/EDT (Eastern Standard/Daylight)

Do you have experience with holding a staff position (online or in real life)?: Yes! I also used to be a Moderator/Gym Master for Hallowed Fantasy during 1.12.2.

How long have you been playing Pokémon/Pixelmon?: February 8th, 2019 was my first time playing Pixelmon/HF (Roughly 5.5 years)

Do you play Pokémon/Pixelmon competitively?: Absolutely!

How long can you play per day or week?: Usually I'd just say whenever I'm not at work or extendedly out of town. Any time past 3:30pm EST, or any time on Fridays/Sundays is when I don't work.

Why should we pick you?: Most on the current teams would know I used to be a Mod/Gym Leader previously, and I am making a big comeback as of late to the teams now! I am a usually positive person and always try my best at my a-game 24/7, especially when I'm on the server. I try to be professional when I must, but still fun to be around outside of usual duties!

Gym team:
Hiya Harmonic_Melody, thank you for taking interest in the gym team!

Just a few pointers and questions myself and the rest of the gym team have come up with for your Ermos Gym Application team. None of these are mandatory to implement, just our suggestions:

You might want to consider using a Specially Defensive Gliscor instead of your Landorus-Therian as another option for this role, using Focus Blast instead of Hidden Power Fire on Tapu Lele and you have two Stealth Rock users, so you might want to consider using another move such as Hidden Power Ice or Earth Power on Mega Diancie instead.

What does Azumarill do on this team? Why did you choose Flamethrower as a coverage option on Clefable instead of something like Thunderbolt or Ice Beam?

Thank you again and have a lovely day,
HF Staff and Gym team
Hi Foods! Thank you guys for taking the time to review the pros and cons of my initial team. I have made a few changes to some things but will be addressing everything you've pointed out in your response.

  • Tapu Lele was given Focus Blast at first. HPFire helps a lot with not only steel types, but also Grass. I found recently that grass might be an issue for my team specifically, so giving it HPFire would help it to spook Grass types. It also guarantees accuracy so much better. For these reasons, I will choose to keep HP Fire over Focus Blast on Lele.
  • Azumarill is a trapper. As previously mentioned, grass in this gym (and against my team) is a problem, such as Rillaboom. This set ensures I rid of such threats easily (this has been tested).
  • For Clefable, I will choose to keep Flamethrower for now, but only for testing, since there are no customs during testing and Mega Scizor will likely be an issue if I get rid of it. Diancie has MFire, sure, but it won't survive to MScizor easy. However, I will give it Ice Beam in-game if I am accepted to the team. For this reason I will choose to give Diancie HPIce for now, but then Earth Power over SRock later if I am accepted to give Heatran an easy counter.
  • I will take the advice of Gliscor over Landorus for now as I feel Gliscor will be a better choice of defense as much as I believe Landorus is a better choice for offense (in more cases in comparison). I see their abilities as Lando's more temporary (Atk debuff wears off after swap), whereas Poison Heal will help me survive a lot more (the healing is a bonus!)

Here are the new team setups! Keep in mind that one is for this application, the other is only an after-thought (they are both named to separate easier), but both give these suggestions consideration. The first is the one I will use for my tests.

Hiya Harmonic_Melody, thank you for taking interest in the gym team!

We have decided to ACCEPT your application for the position of the Ermos Gym Leader.

Looking forward to working with you.

Thank you again and have a lovely day,
HF Staff and Gym team