Hallowed Autumn Texture Contest 2022

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Admin, Builder, Texture Artist of Hallowed Fantasy
Welcome to Hallowed Autumn Texture Contest 2022!
Have you ever made a Pixelmon texture or wanted to give it a try? Are you creative with ideas to share? Do you like getting rewarded for your work and ideas? Great!

We decided to host a Texture Contest this autumn for our users to show their creative sides and contribute to our server. Do not worry, even if you have never tried creating a texture, we provide you with tutorials, guiding you through texture creation using free programs and resources.

Tutorials on how to create textures for both beginners and advanced and a few useful sources can be found at the end of this post!

What all is accepted?
1- NON-LEGENDARY Pixelmon Autumn Textures
NOT Halloween textures, the Autumn theme includes harvest, fruits, nuts, leaves and the autumn environment, additionally, any Thanksgiving-themed textures are also allowed.
2- Drawings/Art (both paper and digital) of Autumn texture ideas for NON-LEGENDARY Pixelmon

🖌️ If we find any artwork was stolen you WILL be DISQUALIFIED! Farther action against your account may be taken on the server as well for cheating and art theft. Remember, cheating is against our servers rules!
🖌️ You are allowed to use any FREE to use sources from the internet or sources provided by us attached in the link below. Make sure you are NOT stealing art or using paid-for images. If you are drawing a Pixelmon, do NOT copy somebody's else art, give it your own twist and create an original idea instead!
🖌️ Pieces will be picked by staff based off quality AND effort put into the piece.
🖌️ All submissions MUST be Autumn-themed.
🖌️ All submissions MUST be in your OWN post in THIS thread with your IGN (In Game Name). Any submissions dmed to a staff member will not be counted and you will be reminded ONCE on where to post them. However, if you have questions on this event please ask an Moderator or an Administrator.
🖌️ You are allowed to enter with several contributions if you so wish.

🖌️ If your Pixelmon Texture wins the contest, it will be added in-game to our server and you will receive a Golden Bottle-capped, 0IV, Untradeable version of it for yourself!
🖌️ If your drawing wins the contest, it will be created by one of our artists and added in-game to our server and you will receive a Golden Bottle-capped, 0IV, Untradeable version of it for yourself!
🖌️ Winners will additionally receive 1 Wicked Pumpkin and 10 Spooky Bones each. (These items can be redeemed in /textureshop)
🖌️ Every participant will receive 1 Aura Crate Key and 5 Spooky Bones.

The event ends on the 18th of October. Winners will be determined in a few days afterwards and announced.
Winner textures will be created/collected and added shortly after with a Resource Pack update.

Simple Texture-creating Tutorial (no Blender)
Advanced Texture-creating Tutorial (with Blender)
BMD/SMD convertor (for Blender to change model.bmd files into .smd)
FREE sources to use for your creations

We are looking forward to your ideas. 💕

PS: If you are having any problems or if you wish to ask something regarding textures and their creation, feel free to DM Kikamon#2634 on Discord.
I will aid you and guide you wherever necessary.
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Admin, Builder, Texture Artist of Hallowed Fantasy
Post your entries as a REPLY to this thread.
The post MUST contain a screenshot/picture/drawing of the texture or the idea. Please DO NOT post UV-maps (texture files), they will be collected after the contest is over.
You may also name the texture/idea, include a little story or an explanation of its looks etc.
Remember to include your IGN (In Game Name).
Harvest-Goodra (Hisuian Goodra)
Story:it’s been said that Many years ago a Hisuian goodra was gifted with a cornucopia instead of a shell, now when it walks past people on thanksgiving they are said to have a bountiful harvest.



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This Gastrodon was walking with its trainer during the fall. All of the sudden, the wind shook, knocking dead leaves and dried grass everywhere. This was not a bad thing, though; most of the leaves and dried grass fell onto the Gastrodon. Due to its watery, gelatinous body, the dead leaves and dried grass were absorbed. This is what led to the newfound color of this Gastrodon.

IGN: JackInDaB0x


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The Forest Guardian Milotic and its shiny form

Backstory: One day a small Feebas was swimming down a woodland river and saw a young trainer being attacked by a wild Ursaring, the fear of not being able to do anything led the Feebas to evolve into a new form of Milotic, the colour of the Milotic depends on what the season is as it uses it colours as camouflage so that it can not be detected by enemy Pokémon, this Milotic protects the forest and and the young trainers that walk through as a guardian of the forest.


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What happens when you set your porygon-z ablaze, well you cook it and get this Roast form
IGN- NotNamedok


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