grass/electric gym application

Minecraft username?: njah321
What is your Discord username? Simpa Dmitrijev#4440
What gym are you applying for? grass/electric
Timezone: GMT 2+
Do you have experience with holding a staff position (online or in real life)?: yes irl in tennis tournaments.
How long have you been playing Pokémon/Pixelmon?: i started playing pokemon in gen 4 and pixelmon playing before the shut down
Do you play Pokémon/Pixelmon competitively?: i play competitively but not as much as i used to. Now i watch more competitive pokemon.
How long can you play per day or week?: 1-3 h
Why should we pick you?: i want do teach new people how do play against stall type teams and teach them how to balance teams.
Gym team (Pokémon Showdown Export):