Dragon/Steel Gym Leader Application

What is your Minecraft username?: Nocluewhat2do
What is your Discord username? Basic#7662
What gym are you applying for? The dragon/steel gym
Timezone: I am in the MST timezone.
Do you have experience with holding a staff position (online or in real life)?: I have experience as a staff member on several minecraft servers in various roles. I am happy to discuss this experience in more detail if needed.
How long have you been playing Pokémon/Pixelmon?: I have been playing Pokemon for over 10 years and I have been playing Pixelmon for about 2 years on and off.
Do you play Pokémon/Pixelmon competitively?: I play Pokemon competitively and have joined several various Pixelmon tournaments in the past as well.
How long can you play per day or week?: I can dedicate about 8 hours a week to running the gym on the server and taking challenges.
Why should we pick you?: I really enjoy battling against others and having the opportunity to help people improve at battling or just introduce them to competitive in general. I look forward to the opportunity to get to interact with the community even more through gym challenges. I believe I can perform well both as a gym leader and as a positive example in the community.
Gym team (Pokémon Showdown Export): https://pokepast.es/b8ad19d310ec0dbb