CardenF Gym Application

Sep 17, 2021
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What is your Minecraft username?: CardenF
What is your Discord username? Carden_f
What gym are you applying for? Bug/Rock
Timezone: EST
Do you have experience with holding a staff position (online or in real life)?: Yes, i used to be staff on this server
How long have you been playing Pokémon/Pixelmon?: Around 4-5 years
Do you play Pokémon/Pixelmon competitively?: Yes
How long can you play per day or week?: Most days, when im not having class, which would be the weekends, and tuesday and thursday
Why should we pick you?: I have held a gym leader position in the past, and I have gotten a lot less busy as time has gone on, and am now able to come back to the server
Gym team (Pokémon Showdown Export):
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Hiya Carden_F, thank you for taking interest in the gym team!

Just a few pointers and questions myself and the rest of the gym team have come up with for your Kinoko Gym Application team. None of these are mandatory to implement, just our suggestions:

You might want to consider changing one of your moves on Araquanid to Toxic, investing some of your Special Defense EVs into Defense on Scizor could be good so you can take advantage of Rocky Helmet more and changing coverage options on your team so that you improve your team's matchup against Skarmory and Toxapex.

What do 192 Speed EVs on Araquanid do? Why are you running Giga Drain on your Volcarona instead of Bug Buzz?

Thank you again and have a lovely day,
HF Staff and Gym team
Hi, so when I do agree with investing in defense on scizor, as well as switching araquanids speed EVs to something more defensive. Im not sure why I put those in speed, but I can definitely fix that. Giga drain over bug buzz however, I do have some reasoning for. I feel as if my team struggles to hit water types pretty badly, as well as ground types. The only supereffective I have against either of those types is ice punch on tyranitar, and liquidation on araquanid, both of which only being good against groud types. This is especially a problem if I fight, say, a gastrodon, where most pokemon dont even stand a chance against it, especially bug buzz volcarona. Even at +3 volcarona would not KO a max spdef gastrodon with bug buzz, without a critical hit. Not just that, giga drain serves as a counter to any type someone may want to bring in against volcarona. Rock, ground, and water, 3 types volcarona would typically struggle against, are all countered by giga drain. This lets volcarona keep its momentum after setting up a quiver dance or two, meaning if someone sends in say, a gastrodon, my turn wouldnt go to waste because of what would usually be a very good counter volcarona. In summary, its extra insurance
Hiya Carden_F, thank you for taking interest in the gym team!

We have decided to ACCEPT your application for the position of the Kinoko Gym Leader.

Looking forward to working with you.

Thank you again and have a lovely day,
HF Staff and Gym team