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  1. KaTronSensei

    Hallowed Fantasties Spooktactular Art and Screenshots Contest

    Welcome to Hallowed Fantasties Spooktactular Halloween Art and Minecraft Screenshot Contest! Like to draw? Do you like messing around with photoshop? Do you like getting rewarded for your work? Well, this year we have decided to host two different contests for our users to show their creative...
  2. KaTronSensei

    Offering KaTron's Emporium [Buying + Selling]

    Rules - You may post in here with your ign/what you want or msg me if you see me in game or reply to me in market if you see me post in there <3 - Random IVs mean the Ivs are not perfect/assorted ivs. Feel free to ask for IVs on these pokemon, but they're honestly crud and don't even have 1...