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  1. Thana

    Town Application Format

    Would you like to get your player-made/player-run Town featured on the server with an official warp? If so, read this whole post and create a new thread with the correct format to apply to get your Town turned into an official Hallowed Fantasy Town. Rules: - No vanilla Minecraft villages. This...
  2. Thana

    Gym Leader Application Format

    We are currently looking for Pixelmon players that understand basic competitive battling mechanics to staff our 8 player-run gyms. Our Gym Leaders should not only have a good team, but they should also have a good understanding of how to play competitively. Gym teams should be built for...
  3. Thana

    Gym Leader Applications' Guide

    This guide will outline the gym leader application process and the requirements to get accepted as a gym leader. Processes of the application After the application has been posted the Gym Leader Council will review your app, where they will give you pointers for your applications team. (Keep...
  4. Thana

    Official How to breed Pixelmon

    Hey, As complicated it may seem, breeding is not that hard! It can even be fun to do to some. In this guide, you'll learn everything about breeding. You'll learn how to use ranch blocks to create a lovely environment for your Pixelmon. This way of breeding applies to /daycare as well. You'll...
  5. Thana

    Official Pixelmon stats explained

    Effort Values (also known as EVs) are values that improve the stats of Pixelmon based on the strengths of opposing Pixelmon they have defeated. There are 6 different types of EVs: - HP - Attack - Defense - Special Attack - Special Defense - Speed Each Pixelmon can gain a maximum of 510 EVs...
  6. Thana

    Welcome to Hallowed Fantasy!

    Welcome to Hallowed Fantasy! Hallowed Fantasy's Official Modpack Official Hallowed Textures Resource Pack Installation Guide Standalone Reforged Mod & Changelogs Standalone Forge for 1.12.2 (v14.23.5.2855) Voting Links: Minecraft Servers Pixelmon Servers Minecraft MP Minecraft Server List
  7. Thana

    Official Buying and Selling (Making Money)

    This guide is here to offer you general advice and teach you how to use tools to get the most out of GTS selling on the server. You are free to post whatever you want in the GTS for whatever price. Table of Contents How to Price Check for GTS via Discord How to Price Check for GTS via Server...
  8. Thana

    Official How to claim land

    How to claim land with GriefPrevention Claiming the Land Click me for a short video guide on how to claim land with GriefPrevention Stick Right-click a claim with a Stick to show the locations of nearby claims. Left-click a claim with a Stick to hide the markers of nearby claims. Useful...
  9. Thana

    Official How to install the Hallowed Textures Resource Pack

    Hallowed Fantasy features an official resource pack, which adds a lot of exclusive textures for a wide variety of Pixelmon, along with item sprites for custom Hallowed Fantasy items.! Before joining the server, download the official resource pack from and put it into your launcher's "Resource...
  10. Thana

    Official How to add mods through Technic Launcher

    Technic Launcher Step 1: In order to add a new mod to your Technic Launcher, you must first download that mod. Once you have done that and know where it is located on your PC, come back to this guide. Step 2: Open up your Technic Launcher. Step 3: Navigate to the modpack you use to play...
  11. Thana

    Official How to increase Minecraft's RAM allocation

    How to increase Minecraft's RAM Allocation When installing Pixelmon Reforged, you may run into problems where your game randomly freezes and locks up for a few seconds at a time. This is normally caused by Minecraft running out of memory due to not having enough RAM allocated for Pixelmon...
  12. Thana

    Official How to install Pixelmon Reforged

    In order to join our Pixelmon server, you must first install Pixelmon Reforged. How to Install Pixelmon Reforged First, you must install the Technic Launcher. Download it here. Once it is downloaded, run the launcher and let it install. When that is finished, open up the Technic Launcher and...