Ultra Space + New Commands!

By Leone - Posted Feb 11, 19

After a week of getting things ready, Ultra Space is now enabled on our server! In Ultra Space, you can find Ultra Beasts, randomly generated structures, new Ultra Biomes, Legendaries, and other Pixelmon! For more information on Ultra Space, click here.

To get to Ultra Space in-game, simply go to /warp UltraSpace and right-click the sign (costs $1,000 in-game money per use).

Accompanying the Ultra Space update this week is also the much-anticipated return of The Nether and The End, which many of you have been asking for for a while now. Pixelmon (including Legendaries such as Hoopa) can now spawn in The End and The Nether also, which makes going there a bit more fun. Upon arriving in The End you will also notice that I have turned keepInventory on in there as well since it is a bit more stable than in the past.


  • Added PixelGenocide plugin to the server again to automatically clear non-Shiny and non-Boss Pixelmon from the world every 10 minutes. This will no longer cause Pixelmon to stop spawning in the world upon clearing.
  • Fixed /Pokeheal, /Breed, and /Hatch commands not working correctly.
  • Added the Pwiki plugin, featuring the /Pwiki command which will let you open a GUI menu in-game by using the command /Pwiki <any Pixelmon name>. Once you use /Pwiki followed by the name of a Pixelmon you will be given a menu showing that Pixelmon's catch rate, spawn areas, evolutions and pre-evolutions, level-up moves, and much more!
  • Added the Even More Pixelmon Commands plugins, adding all of the following commands:
  • /bend <slot>: Changes the specified slot's gender automatically for $1,000 in-game money.
  • /resetevs <slot>: Resets the specified party slot's Effort Values for $1,000 in-game money.
  • /show <slot>: Shows off the Pixelmon in the specified party slot in chat for everyone to see. 10 minute cooldown.
  • /checktypes <name or PokeDex number of a Pixelmon>: Shows the typing, weaknesses, resistances, and immunities of a specified Pixelmon.
  • /checkevs <name or PokeDex number of a Pixelmon>: Shows the Effort Values that will be given to your Pixelmon upon defeating the specified Pixelmon in battle.
  • /checkstats <slot>: Shows you all the details of the Pixelmon in your specified part slot.