Hello everyone and happy holiday season! Winter and its holidays are some of the most exciting times of the year, and just like every other year, we will be having some holiday events on Hallowed Fantasy! Here's a rundown of some big things happening on the server this holiday season, starting with the return of our yearly Christmas Bash tournament:

Last month's Turkey Bowl tournament was a big success, and December 2018 will feature another tournament just like it! The Christmas Bash event returns for 1 day only this year, and it is a 6v6 50-Cap OU Tier tournament that features amazing prizes, but with a special rule! This rule is that players must use at least 1 Ice-type Pixelmon on their team during the tournament. This Pixelmon can be any Ice-type that is not in the Uber tier.

This year's Christmas Bash will take place on Saturday, December 22nd, 2018, at 4:00 PM CST. The grand prize for this tournament is $100 Hallowed Fantasy store credit and a Christmas-texture Pixelmon of your choice! You can view all of the prizes, rules, and registration for this tournament at the following link: https://www.hallowedfantasy.com/forum/m/45008785/viewthread/32381941-ranked-50cap-6v6-ou-tier-christmas-bash-tournament-12222018/

After a year of planning, Hallowed Fantasy's Elite 4 is now open for all Ace Trainers! Anyone that has all 8 player gym badges may challenge the Elite 4 in-game at /warp Elite4. Our Elite 4 is based on Generations, meaning that each Elite 4 member uses a team based on a specific Pokémon generation/region and may only use Pixelmon introduced in that generation, such as Mewtwo for Generation 1. Our Elite 4 differs from the player gyms by allowing each player (the leader and the challenger) to use 1 Uber tier Pixelmon on their team. Additionally, our Elite 4 level cap is 100 rather than the standard 50 for the gyms. The rules for challenging and battling the Elite 4 are as follows:

  • You must have beaten all 8 player gyms in order to challenge an Elite 4 member.
  • The leader and the challenger may both use 1 Uber tier Pixelmon each. Their other Pixelmon must be in the OU tier or below.
  • Standard Hallowed Fantasy battling rules and clauses apply.
  • You may challenge the Elite 4 members in whichever order you want.
  • You will receive a badge for defeating an Elite 4 member and you will need 4 badges total to battle the Hallowed Champion.
  • Should you lose to an Elite 4 member or the Champion, you will lose all of your Elite 4 badges and will have to restart your challenges.
  • You will receive a 6IV exclusive Midnight Mewtwo and $200,000 in-game money from defeating the Hallowed Champion after defeating the 4 Elite 4 members.

To celebrate Christmas and the days leading up to it, we have added a new set of 25 days of daily rewards that you can claim in-game with __/dr take__ which will reward you for playing on our server on consecutive days! These new rewards include a 5IV Christmas Shuckle, Christmas Misdreavus, Hallowed Spirit Weavile, and Christmas Regigigas along with many more awesome items and keys! Check them out in-game with /dr show!

Like every other month this year, we have also added new textures to our Hallowed Textures Resource Pack, most of which are Winter and/or Christmas-themed! Here's a list of what has been added:

  • Arctic Flareon
  • Arctic Rabbit Azumarill (idea credit goes to Greekola)
  • Christmas Arceus
  • Krampus Gogoat (idea credit goes to minuspluse)
  • Primal Palkia (idea credit goes to Shy_Alpha_Bwee)
  • Rainbow Magikarp
  • Snow Dragon Noivern
  • Snow Owl Noctowl
  • Snowy Misdreavus
  • Snowy Mismagius
  • Updated versions of Christmas Shuckle and Regigigas
  • Yeti Slaking

All of the skins above have been added to our Resource Pack & Technic Pack which you can download from the following links:
Technic Launcher: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/hallowed-fantasy-reforged.1278515

Resource Pack: https://www.hallowedfantasy.com/forum/m/45008785/viewthread/30815755-how-to-use-our-official-resource-pack

To go along with our new textures, we have also added some new Hallowed Fantasy-exclusive Move Tutors and Ability Swaps! For those unaware, these are additions or changes to existing Pixelmon where we give them a move they don't normally learn or an Ability they don't normally get to make them better and more competitively viable. You can find a list of all available changes here: https://www.hallowedfantasy.com/wiki/m/46288037/page/List_of_HF_Pixelmon_Changes
Here's a list of the new ones:

  • Flareon now gets access to the moves Sacred Fire, Wild Charge, & Crunch) and has a new Ability in Fur Coat
  • Noctowl has had its typing changed to Psychic/Flying instead of Normal/Flying
  • Noctowl now gets access to the moves Heal Bell & Calm Mind and has a new Ability in Fur Coat
  • Spiritomb now has a new Ability in Intimidate
  • Steelix (Mega) has had its Sand Force Ability changed to Sheer Force
  • Slaking has a new Ability in Pressure
  • Regigigas has a new Ability in Pressure

Misc. Changes

  • Added Christmas-textured Pixelmon to the website shop until January 1st, 2019.
  • Cleaned up the textures section of the website shop and added new purchase options for each textured Pixelmon, making them available in a drop-down menu rather than each with their own icon. You can still view the Pixelmon in-game at one of the Hallowed Textures warps.
  • Reigigigas has been moved to our official Uber Tier list as a result of its new Ability.
  • Slaking has been moved to our official Uber Tier list as a result of its new Ability.
  • Many other updates that we forgot to track for the changelog.

Event Schedule (12/2/2018 - 12/8/2018)

Monday (12/3/2018)
Legendary Monday (2x increased Legendary Pixelmon spawn rates for 24 hours)

Tuesday (12/4/2018)
Shiny Charm Tuesday (3x increased Shiny Pixelmon spawn rates for 24 hours)

Wednesday (12/5/18)
Boss Spawn Wednesday (3x increased Boss Pixelmon spawn rates for 24 hours)

Thursday (12/6/18)
Giveaway event in the Official Hallowed Fantasy Discord server

Friday (12/7/18)
Ranked Level 50-Cap 6v6 OU Tier Singles Tournament at 6:00 PM Central Time. Click me to see rules, prizes, and registration for this tournament.

Saturday (11/10/18)
BIG DIG event at 2:00 PM Central Time +

Ranked Level 100-Cap 3v3 Uber Tier Singles Tournament at 3:00 PM Central Time. Click me to see rules, prizes, and registration for this tournament.