Turkey Bowl 2018 + Crates Return

By Leone - Posted Nov 4, 18

On November 24th, 2018, at 4:00 PM Central Time, Hallowed Fantasy's best competitive battlers will have the chance to battle it out for $30 store credit, exclusive-texture Pixelmon, $150,00 in-game money, and more in our 2nd Annual TURKEY BOWL Tournament! This tournament will be a standard 50-Cap 6v6 contested under OU Tier rules, with the top 3 players getting amazing prizes. This is one of Hallowed Fantasy's biggest tournaments of the year alongisde the Hallowed Cup, Valentine's Versus, and Christmas Bash tournaments. The player who wins this year's Turkey Bowl will gain infamy by having their head placed in our Hall of Fame when it is open for everyone.

Additionally, everyone who enters the Turkey Bowl will receive $5,000 in-game cash and a 5IV Autumn-form Deerling.

You may view all of the rules, prizes, and information for this year's Turkey Bowl by clicking this link.

We are excited to announce that Vote Crates have finally returned to the server and have been revamped from the ground up! We have switched to a new crates plugin called TeslaCrates and have added new crates in addition to our previous Vote Crates and Legendary Crates, bringing the total up to 7 crates. There are new Hallowed Aura, Battle, Common Texture, Mega Stone, and Daily Crates. Vote Crates and Legendary Crates have also had their rewards completely redone, with their new versions containing a lot more rare and exciting items, including keys for the other crates for Vote, and new exclusive textures such as Primal Dialga and Midnight Ho-Oh for Legendary. We will also be regularly updating these crates to include new textures each month!

Click here or punch crates in-game to see what they contain!

The Daily Rewards plugin has also returned to the server, now featuring Daily Crate Keys, Beast Balls, and more as part of the Daily log-in rewards. Starting in December, you will also be able to obtain Winter-themed Crate Keys from these log-in rewards.

Server Updates Changelog (11/4/2018)

Technic Pack Changes

Misc. Changes

  • Updated the Hallowed Textures Resource Pack to include 15 new textures, 11 of which are Halloween-themed. You must install this new version of the resource pack to see these textures in-game.
  • Added the TeslaCrates plugin
  • Re-added the Daily Rewards plugin
  • Updated SpongeForge version
  • Updated LuckPerms version
  • Added AquaCensor plugin to censor various inappropriate words and phrases
  • Added RandomLeg plugin that features an Admin command for giving players random Legendary Pixelmon
  • Added custom HallowedBomb plugin (thanks to zThana for developing it!) that features an Admin command to give everyone online a random Shiny Pixelmon
  • Added clickable warps to every gym in /gyms
  • Added clickable challenger warps to every gym in /gyms (you will be teleported to this area upon challenge if you are the challenger)
  • Added clibkable leader warps to every gym in /gyms (you will be teleported to this area upon challenge if you are the leader)
  • All Hallowed Texture Pixelmon donations and Ditto donations are now automatic
  • Added variables to let users select IVs, natures, pokeballs, and sizes for each Hallowed Texture Pixelmon and Ditto (for Legendary and Master Trainer to Legendary upgrade ranks)
  • Added 1 Legendary Crate Key to the website shop
  • Added 20 Vote Crate Keys to the website shop
  • Added 1 Hallowed Aura Crate Keys to the website shop
  • Split the SafariZone into 4 separate warps to reduce lag:
    • /warp SafariZoneForest
    • /warp SafariZoneIce
    • /warp SafariZoneMesa
    • /warp SafariZoneRiver
  • Removed Dunsparce's Multiscale HF-excusive Ability Swap.
  • Removed Raticate's Tough Claws HF-excusive Ability Swap.
  • Removed Raticate's HF-excusive Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Poison Fang, and Knock Off Move Tutor Moves. These will return for Alolan Raticate when it is added.
  • Added Simple to Dunsparce as a new exclusive Ability Swap.
  • Added Magic Bounce to Hoopa as a new exclusive Ability Swap.
  • Added Calm Mind to Dunsparce as a new exclusive Move Tutor Move.
  • Removed the Halloween-themed skins from the Website Shop (they will be back next June and October).

Resource Pack Changes

  • Added the Hallowed Textures:
    • Hallowed Spirit Mesprit
    • Hallowed Spirit Uxie
    • Hallowed Spirit Azelf
    • Hallowed Spirit Milotic
    • Hallowed Spirit Roserade
    • Halloween Blissey
    • Thanksgiving Turkey Ho-Oh
    • Thanksgiving Gourgeist
    • Midnight Articuno
    • Midnight Moltres
    • Midnight Zapdos
    • Midnight Heatran
    • Midnight Clefable
    • Christmas Beedrill
    • Christmas Mega Beedrill
  • Updated Cyber Zygarde to fix an error on its face.

Event Schedule (11/4/2018 - 11/10/2018)

Sunday (11/4/18)
FAIRY-type Catching Contest event at /warp NationalPark! Click here for more information.

Monday (11/5/2018)
Legendary Monday (2x increased Legendary Pixelmon spawn rates for 24 hours)

Tuesday (11/6/2018)
Shiny Charm Tuesday (3x increased Shiny Pixelmon spawn rates for 24 hours)

Wednesday (11/7/18)
Boss Spawn Wednesday (3x increased Boss Pixelmon spawn rates for 24 hours)

Thursday (11/8/18)
Giveaway event in the Official Hallowed Fantasy Discord server

Friday (11/9/18)
Ranked Level 50-Cap 6v6 OU Tier Singles Tournament at 6:00 PM Central Time. Click me to see rules, prizes, and registration for this tournament.

Saturday (11/10/18)
BIG DIG event at 2:00 PM Central Time +

Ranked Level 50-Cap 3v3 UU Tier Singles Tournament at 3:00 PM Central Time. Click me to see rules, prizes, and registration for this tournament.

BONUS Events

ROTOM Capture Quest event (until November 9th, 2018):
Catch, breed, and/or train a Level 89 Hardy-nature Runt-sized Rotom in a Love Ball with 31 Attack IVs and 31 Defense IVs to get a SHINY Rotom with 5 perfect stat IVs (only missing Special Attack) that comes in a Cherish Ball! Click here to see more information on this Capture Quest.

Autumn Breloom Mystery Gift event:
Use the command /kit AutumnGift in-game to get a FREE SHINY BRELOOM with an Adamant Nature, Ginormous Size, a special multi-colored name, and 5 perfect stat IVs (only missing Special Attack)!