Jailcry Discord Ban Appeal

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So earlier today a player sent me a link to their discord. When i joined the discord it took me to a category that said invite-rewards. I saw it and thought it was legit. (SPOILER: It wasn't) I was then confronted by Leone and we had a conversation. He helped me understand why me sending invite links to people was wrong and even against discord terms of service. I'm very lucky that I didn't get reported to discord for breaking their terms-of-service and i'm very grateful for that. I just want you to take into consideration that I now understand what I didn't before. I should have never fell for that scam. In all honesty, my intention was to invite 25 people, make $5 and spend it on a shiny mod, not that that matters though. I hope you read this and understand my grief and I hope I can get un-banned from the discord. I love to communicate with the community as well as play on the server.
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Posted Dec 26, 18 · OP
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There are plenty of more legitimate ways you could have earned a shiny mod.
In my personal opinion, this should be an eye opener for you to not take everything at face value and to look into possible scams before falling for them.
If it looks too good to be true, it normally is. Next time, you should report that player instead of following them into breaking Discord's TOS yourself.

As for if you will be unbanned or not, we staff will have a conversation on this and get back to you.
Posted Dec 27, 18